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Compliance audits and training

Internal audits and controls: foster

culture of ethics

Our compliance processes are continuously evolving and helping improve governance at Eldorado Brazil. Periodic external and internal audits help us identify and prevent risks and improve our controls and governance processes, making them more effective. Our compliance department’s internal audit team conducts regular internal audit cycles in accordance with Eldorado Brazil's Annual Internal Audit Plan. These independent and objective assessments use a systematic approach to assess and improve our internal processes. Eldorado Brazil’s Compliance Program is also subject to an annual external audit by a specialist consultancy, which analyzes some 200 aspects of the program based on international standards ISO 37301 (Compliance Management Systems) and ISO 37001 (Anti-Bribery Management System). Following the results from last annual audits, the company completed and managed to implement 100% of actions and functions required for an effective compliance program, with the maximum level of adherence to best practices.

Ethics and

compliance training

Our employees are given annual training to reinforce and renew their knowledge of compliance rules and guidelines, which also helps establish the company's culture of ethics, integrity, compliance, and transparency. This training covers several topics:
  • Preventing and combating corruption

  • Combating harassment

  • Equal and fair treatment

  • Human rights

  • Diversity and inclusion

  • Conflicts of interest

  • Internal compliance policies

  • Principles of Eldorado Brazil’s Code of Conduct and Ethics

  • How to use the Ethics Line (Eldorado Brazil's integrity channel)

We also carry out training with key suppliers on the principles of our Code of Conduct and Ethics as and when necessary. Eldorado Brazil understands that as a point of reference in the sector, it must foster a culture of ethics, integrity, and compliance throughout its value chain.